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A student need not be a member to take part in Hodari activities. However those who sign up for membership are entitled to benefits such as discounts on all activities, Hodari book library subscription, a membership card, Hodari memorabilia, birthdays of the month celebrations, etc. The membership fee per year for high school students is Kshs 6,000/= or 2,000/= per term. For those in boarding schools, the membership fee is Kshs 3,000 per year or 1,000 per term. Membership is renewable at the beginning of each year or each term. Hodari Club directors reserve the right to admit members. In general, membership to the club is granted based on regular participation in Hodari activities as well as active involvement of the boys’ parents.

Sample of Membership cards given to members

Every member is automatically enrolled into Hodari’s Character Formation Program.The aim of the Character Formation Program is to give all Hodari members the practical, intellectual and moral foundation to be men of character. Integral to the Character program is one-on-one mentorship. We believe that each boy is a unique person and the protagonist of his own life. At Hodari, this protagonism is actively fostered so that each boy learns how to make free and responsible decisions. Each Hodari member is therefore assigned a mentor who chats with him regularly. The mentor’s role is to ensure the all-round formation of the boy entrusted to him and to help him live a life consistent with his faith

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